Investment Philosophy

Customer profit is our top priority by providing various investment solutions with transparency and faith making customer profit a top priority.

고객수익최우선, 투명성과 신뢰, 다양한 투자솔루션 제공

Investment Strategy

  • 01Equity Linked Bond
    • Invest in domestic and overseas CB, BW, EB, RCPS and high-yield corporate bonds
    • Pursue investment stability and profitability at the same time (seeking both the upside potential of stock and the stability of bond)
    • Minimize the risk by diversified portfolio of 10 to 20 securities
  • 02Multi-strategy
    • Invest in select stocks based on comprehensive fundamental researchin regards of valuation, momentum and liquidity.
    • Portfolio of deep in the value with downside protection, low volatility,high-dividend and market leadership stocks
    • Adjust stock investment weight according to global trend of financial markets and valuations
  • 03Growth Equity
    • Invest in select companies with perpetual engine of growth, talented management and sufficient resources.
    • Focus in the best investment idea based on clear investment strategy with market-leading industries and styles
    • Diversify risk through asset allocation strategy at the portfolio level and avoid investing in financially vulnerable companies
  • 04Asia dividend
    • Stable dividend income from carefully selected companies offering sustained dividends in Vietnam, Thailand, China and Hong Kong markets
    • Capital gain from high growth companies dominant in local markets or competitive at global level
    • Invest in the prominent companies in Asia based on cooporated research activities with Asam Vietnam and Asam’s Thailand investment advisor.

Risk & Compliance

Risk Management System

  • Risk Preset
    • Checking operation guidelines
    • Confirming investment guideline
    • Preventing excessive exposure to specific industries and items
    • Establishing management range by consulting with marketing department, risk management department, and operational department from the start of operation
    • Preventing excessive exposure to specific industries and items
  • Risk Monitoring
    • Occasional monitoring of Risk management department
    • Monitoring for operating department, operation asset, and operation status
    • Checking restricted investment item
    • Checking information of the maximum percentage by category
    • Exchanging information with customers at any time
  • Risk Management
    • The head of the risk management department notifies risks the relevant operating department. The operating department recognizes and adjusts the risks.
    • Risk Management Committee is convened to make decisions when important risk incidents are raised.
    • Preparing counter measures in case of any violation such as guidelines
    • Seeking measures to prevent recurrence

Compliance System

  • Compliance examine and training
    • Applying strict regulations such as laws, guidelines, and internal control standards.
    • Conducting work ethics and compliance training at any time and on a regular basis
    • Employee training such as awareness of accident prevention
  • System for monitoring at all times
    • Establishing Compliance System
    • Pre and post checking
  • Check System
    • Checking the details for daily operation
    • Establishing counter measures for corrective measure and a measure to prevent a repeat against violations.
    • Recording for daily inspection
    • Reporting to Investment strategy review committee.